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Grey Marble Rolling Pin & Stand

Grey Marble Rolling Pin & Stand

By: RSVP Int


Grey Marble Rolling Pin w/ Stand

Product Description

“Delivering consistently thin dough, perfect for puff pastries, is what the solid grey marble rolling pin from RSVP was made for. Comfortable aluminum handles and the dense marble make rolling doughs effortless while the 10 inch roller and 4 inch handles make great gauges for measurements. The roller’s aluminum handles and marble construction is also dishwasher safe. Become an artist and confidently construct pastry masterpieces rolling dough with a RSVP marble rolling pin.

10 Inch polished grey marble roller

Cast aluminum handles for comfortable rolling

Marble stand keeps roller from dings and chips.

Keeps pastry dough cool and doesn’t stick when rolling

17-1/2 in x 2-3/8 in (LxW)”