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Cheese Melting Grill Dome

Cheese Melting Grill Dome

By: Nordicware

36546 NDW

Cheese Melting Grill Dome

Product Description

“A great grilling and cooking tool for any serious burger lover. The aluminum cheese melting dome does more then just helps melt the cheese. The Nordicware Dome captures the heat from the grill or cook top to decrease cooking time. On the grill the melting dome also infuses more of that wonderful smokey BBQ flavor into your burgers.

Nordicware Melting Dome Features:

Great for burgers, bruschetta, pizza and More!
Aluminum Melting Dome
Decrease cooking time, reduces flare-ups
Infuses more smoky flavor
Perfectly melts the cheese on your burger
Nordicware Dome Dimensions: 4.125" L x 9" W x 10.62" H”