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Endurance Canning Funnel
Endurance Canning FunnelEndurance Canning Funnel

Endurance Canning Funnel

By: RSVP Int


Canning Funnel

Product Description

“This stainless steel canning funnel has a wide rim to rest securely within the mouth of canning jars, a broad mouth to accommodate even small tomatoes and pear halves, and a convenient handle for lifting the funnel out when you're done.

Even the steadiest hands can slip sometimes, and when you're filling canning jars with fruit or liquid, you'll find that this canning funnel makes it so much easier for you to avoid spilling anything. The wide rim nestles into the mouth of the jar but allows plenty of room for you to insert pickles or fruit wedges by hand or to ladle in hot jam or syrup. A ring handle on the side allows you to lift the funnel and transfer it to the next jar with ease. How can you do without such a helper?

Weight: 1 lb.
Physical details: Stainless steel
Care: Dishwasher safe”