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Endurance Seafood Tool Set

Endurance Seafood Tool Set

By: RSVP Int


Seafood Tool Set

Product Description

“Enjoy your seafood fest with the appropriate tools found in the Endurance Seafood Tool Set by RSVP. The set by is a nice and sturdy collection of seafood tools for enjoying the bounty of the sea. The 8 piece seafood tool set includes two chrome plated shell crackers and six stainless steel seafood forks. Great for the first meal after the opening of lobster season. The Endurance Seafood Tool Set by RSVP will have you rushing to the seas to see what else you can catch and cook.
RSVP International is a supplier of interesting and innovative kitchen supplies. Founded in 1984, RSVP has been adding fun to gourmet kitchen tool fans for years.

Set includes: 2 shell crackers, 6 seafood forks.”