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By: Harold Imports, Inc

97000 HIC

Excalibur Nonstick Stir Fry Pan

Product Description

The 12 inch Excalibur Non-Stick Stir-Fry Pan is a heavy weight at 2mm thickness of carbon steel. It is made for use on gas or electric burners and the pan's heavy weight carbon steel body is designed for rapid, even heating and cooling ¿ a must for any stir-fry. Its generous size will enable you to make delicious Asian meals for your entire family. This pan is perfect for creating such authentic Asian-style recipes as curried shrimp with lemon rice and Szechwan beef stir-fry. This pan features a Stay-cool Bakelite® handle and the flat bottom sits securely on stove tops. Excalibur® is a premium non-stick coating that is far superior to most nonsticks in the market. Its strength and long lasting durability is so important for the high - heat demands of stir fry cooking. The pan is first prepared by blasting it with an abrasive material to create a roughened surface. Then, white-hot molten stainless steel is applied to the surface and, when cooled, becomes welded to the pan. The permanent peaks and valleys that are formed provide a strong, tough base for two coats of a high-grade nonstick finish.