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3-Stage Electric Knife Sharpener

3-Stage Electric Knife Sharpener

By: Wusthof-Trident

2933 WUS

Wusthof 2933 Wusthof's Precision Edge Technology Sharpener

Product Description

The safe and easy to use Precision Edge Technology 3-Stage Electric Knife Sharpener requires nothing but a few easy strokes to keep all your Wusthof knives sharp and polished. Designed exclusively for Wusthof's PEtec blades, this electric sharpener will sharpen, hone and polish your blades, keeping them as effective as the day you bought them. Stage 1 sharpens a dull knife with 100% diamond abrasives. The angle is precisely designed for the PEtec blades, as are the angles of stages 2 and 3. Stage 2 hones the knife with finer grit diamonds to further refine the edge and prepare it for polishing in step 3. Stage 3 uses an ultrafine stropping material to polish the blade to a razor-sharp edge after sharpening and/or honing. Stage 3 can also be used alone on serrated edge blades. « less