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Fine Sea Salt

Fine Sea Salt

By: Saltworks


Pure Ocean® Shaker & Ingredient Sea Salt Fine

Product Description

Pure Ocean® Shaker & Ingredient Sea Salt is the most versatile, flavorful and highest quality sea salt available. Completely unrefined, the natural minerals add subtle nuances of flavor that make this sea salt superior. Pure Ocean® - Shaker & Ingredient Sea Salt is specifically designed for better adherence in food manufacturing. This all-natural sea salt flows easily with no additives, making it perfect for use in manufacturing, spice blends, as well as your favorite salt shaker. And with our expanded grain sizes you can be sure to find the perfect grain of all natural sea salt for any application.

Harvested from the pristine blue waters of the Brazilian coast, the sea salt crystals are naturally evaporated and purified, then screened to the optimal grain size. Pure Ocean sea salts are Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union, the world’s largest and most respected kosher certification agency.

Optically Clean® is a trademark of SaltWorks, Inc. Pure Ocean goes through a unique optical selection process to ensure its aesthetic and functional appeal. This proprietary process examines each grain of salt to verify its color and size. If the salt crystal does not meet our strict criteria, it is removed with a blast of air. The process is all natural and chemical free. The result is a beautiful white sea salt that is easily repackaged into clear containers, mixed for spice blends, or added to any recipe with confidence. SaltWorks is the only company with this exclusive Optically Clean technology.

For more info on why you should make the switch to all-natural sea salt, visit our Pure Ocean information site.